Team Day 3

Great last day as the weather was bon. Went to Apremont and just went climbing, ticking lots of stuff in Font is always great fun, wheather its a 5+ slab or an 8a its all great. Climbed some good 7's too like Egoiste Assis 7a+, Carpe Diem 7b+ (bloody nails), Onde De Choc 7b and a cool little 7c near Onde...

Yesterday i went to York Uni to do some physical tests with Sabine Bacher......oh my good god!! The power endurance rowing test was a killer, back in for another bout on sat.

Had a couple of sessions on plastic (cant be arsed with trying to get out) strange climbed ok apart from getting pumped. Rope Race tomorrow to set some new probs with Taz, always good fun.


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