Directors Cut 8B - at last

Today i returned to the cave to find it a bit wetter than a few days ago. A hold on Lou Ferrino had got wet. After the initial panic and annoyance i quickly managed to tweek my sequence to one that missed it out. After warming up a little i did Trigger Cut easily and already felt way more confident and bouncy. My first attempt at a link turned out to be a good warm up as i messed up my sequence leaving Lou so i just stepped off. While i rested my dad and Graham Desroy from DMM turned up to heckle. On my second attempt i hit the shot hole well but too far to the right!! On my third to i screamed my way through it to get the tick. A proper hard 8b i think. Well pleased especially after more than 15 visits.

The move i fell off 5 times.

Keep it together now.....

Jug in hand. A happy Gaz

Thanks to Graham Desroy from DMM for the pics.
Video will follow soon. Next up...........?


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