Home sweet home!!

Yesterday i returned to the Cave of Justice after a long time away. This came about for two reasons, one the Grit was wet and two i had an urge to pull on something that was a little more brutal on the body. An early start at 6am from Sheff, with a quick detour to collect a Weasel from Blackburn we were soon at the cave in the blazing sunshine. Conditions were perfect, warm on the outside and cold on the inside. A quick tick through the classics to warm upi managed to do them all first go including Trigger Cut, i felt pretty good so i started work on The Greenheart Connection 8a+. After a little messing trying to remember the complex Lou Ferino sequence i managed to tick Greenheart on my second attempt. Well pleased.

Thanks to Nick Reyner for the pic of me just exiting the hard undercut move.

As for today it was off to The North Face Store store in Manchester to help out on the Ice Wall with fellow TNF athlete Lucinda Hughes. A good fun day.

Tomorrow i am off to Marple to reset their popular bouldering ladder. For the last few months myself and Taz have been setting them 60 problems per month. Check out The Rope Race for details.


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