Makeup Camera and not a lot of action.

Bart and Ian enjoying the action in the cave.

After training at BoulderUK on Saturday it was still raining sunday morning so i decided to go back to the cave and start working on something a bit bigger. The Big Link or Pilgrimage as it was christened by Malc Smith is currently the hardest problem in Wales and one of the hardest in the UK. I worked the first half and managed to link it to the glued flake on Rock Atrocity on my first attempt. I was pretty happy with that and after it was time to get some pics on Directors Cut with photographer Ray Wood, it was great fun to get back on the moves with no pressure.

This morning the sun was shining so after a bit of work i decided to go outside even though i was knackered. Caley and Ranieri's Reach was top of the list, after a few goes i managed to hit the pocket but sacked it off as i was loosing skin at a rapid rate. Back home the post man had arrived and i opened my boxes to find a set of New Dmm Shadows and the new Anasazi Verde Boots from 5.10. He he just like christmas.


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