Clyde 8a+

After cleaning this line in 2004 i never really tried it but others had. After repeating lots of stuff in the cave this season i thought it was about time to look again. On wed i managed to get through the hard match a few times.

But the powerfull moves to get your feet over soon sapped me and it wasnt to be.
Fri i returned after a rest day and with Rich Heap again from Slackjaw expecting to get it quick. How wrong i was, i couldnt do the match!!
A late afternoon coffee break allowed me to return with caffine induced enthusiasm and i managed it second go, first go i fell going for the Trigger Cut jug.

About to drop in!

The only problem with climbing a new exit is that it establishes 3 more super projects, Pilgrimage Start, In Hell Start and the obvious and easiest out of the trio the Lou Ferrino start, not forgetting the left hand finish. The cave is far from worked out!
As for the name, Clyde, once you have tried to swing around on the crux holds you will get the picture.


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