Grit and Lime

Yesterday in probably the best conditions we had had for ages i made the wrong choice and went to the hottest place in the UK, Longridge. A few attempts on my project there and i soon realised it was way too hot, it was shirts off. Anyway i managed all the moves but linking it was out of the question.
Today i nipped over to Rubicon to settle another old score, The Press with the low left start. The conditions were a little damp which is good on the lime and after a while i managed the link, well pleased as i HATE The Press!! Annoyingly the good bit of the starting hold was wet so i had to start off the thin slot bit making the first move a little more awkward.
Afterwards i went to the works to help test the finals ready for the CWIM. It will be an excellent comp, but as i am off to Norway tomorrow for a Masters Event i wont be there. Enjoy!!!!


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