Limestone Repeats

Yesterday i had a load of stuff to catch up on and then trained at BUK. Felt pretty strong and did the new 7b circuit about 30 moves into a hard V8+. Followed it by doing all the hard probs upstairs like this, good fun.
As you can imagine i woke this morning a bit sore but after three coffees i was ready for more. Trowbarrow was first up to settle a score. After a long warm up as it was pretty cold i managed to link Isla D'Encarta 8b on my third attempt. Now it was time to pick a new project so it was over to Woodwell to start work on Anesthesia 8b a problem i have wanted to do for many years. After chalking the grips and getting a sequence off Ian Vickers i had a go at the flash, to my disbelief and Ians shock i managed to get through all the hard climbing and fell getting the jug with very numb fingers. 5 minutes working the end i managed to link it on my 1st attempt. A great day with two very different hard problems. Vids to follow soon.


Hi Gaz, nice one on the repeats! Johns stuff doesn't get enough attention to my mind. Did you not find Isla more akin to hard V12? That was my final quiet wieghing up of the line. I'm not trying to be contentious when I say that, just sound-boarding you really.

All the best,


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