Super Submarine V12

Yesterday i spent the morning chilling and drinking coffee down at BUK. I was waiting till Longridge came into the shade. About 4pm i headed over with the chaps and after a quick warm up had a great first go falling on the big move in the pic below.

The left hand is utter rubbish and continued to feel crap for the next 30 minutes or so. Then came better conditions, no movement on the hold and Longridges hardest up problem was i the bag. Next to try here will be linking this into Renal Failure a stern 7b+/c eeeeek!!!

As promised some pics from the weekend in Norway.

He he he a happy aslightly better off chap.

I finished the day off with 27 problems including the 4 hardest in 35 minutes at BUK!!!.........Almost forgot Isla D'Encarta and Anesthesia vids are now here


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