Arrived in Nice around 6pm after a slow drive which provided a good rest. Went out to a great resteraunt with some French friends and eat Kangaroo steak! The next day after a late start i went to the local climbing wall for a comp tour of 20 fun problems. Afterwards i joined my friends again a headed for a mega veggie resteraunt called Zucca Magica down at the docks where for 15 euros you can enjoy a 4 course fixed menu that is fantastic.

Day two in Nice and i decided to try my hand with a rope, having not tied on this year i thought it would be fun. Peillon was the venue with my belayer and guide Arran Deakin, first up was a classic 7c+ called Batman which was a cool but pumpy warm up. Next was the real aim of the day Bout De Soufle 8b a flash attempt got me sooooooooooooooo close to the top i fell off two moves or so from the belay on easy but very pumped ground after a really fun battle. I lowered to the ground and into the sleeping position for about 40 minutes unable to move. On awaking and finally having recovered i managed the tick on my 1st rp. Wicked day.

Back to swiss now and i went to try the fantastib Vecchia Leone in Brione. Sadly it was a bit hot but had a good workout and also ticked a cool 7c.

Finally i headed to Font in search of some better conditions. I met up with Wouter from the flatlands and we went off to try Fata Morgana and Satan, my second go on Fata i got close but then my tip tore for no real reason so that was the end of that. After a while hosing in the wind with tape i got in me van and headed back to the UK.


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