Sardinia and Boating!!

Arrrgh another big break from the blog. It just seems that i have so little time at the moment and combined with the fact that my computer is bust means this sort of thing is falling by the wayside at the moment.
Anyway in the last few weeks i have had some great fun. First up was a trip to Sardinia with the Planet Fear gang for some coaching. A small but highley motivated group meant that it was a memorable week with everyone reaching a personal high in their climbing.

In the pic above is Fiona Neuman who went from never leading routes to flashing here first ever 6b!

Upon my return to the UK i was faced with a new challange. To sail a boat from Birmingham to Blackburn! Why you might ask? Well a good friend Kate Mills has bought a 1970's cruiser to restore and at somepoint live on so i voluntered to help get it back.

First impressions were not good.

After the first 30 minutes we managed to crash 3 times but at least it was still floating and the engine works. After having now been sailing the boat for 6 days i can honestly think i have found a new passion in life. We now have abandoned the boat somewhere near crewe while we travel to Grindelwald for the 5th World Cup. Cant wait to get back!

Ah life on a canal. Bueno.


Unknown said…
Doesn't sound like you're motivated for the worldcup ;-)

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