Back in the UK ( at last )

Wow another month has passed since i last blogged, the good news is for me that i am back in the UK now for a few months and i have a nice brand new shiny lap top!!
June saw me do three comps in a row. First up was Grindelwald, i managed to climb ok on the first two problems but then failed on the last move of problem 4 which cost me a semi-final place and left me way back in a lowly 29th. Congrats to Stew watson who performed well to finish in a creditable 15th.
After a weekend back in the UK and some training it was back out for the 6th World Cupof the season in Fiera, Italy where a poorly organised comp saw three brits in the Semis, Stu finished in 12th, Mark Croxall 16th and i finished a little happier in 20th. A quick trip down south to visit Christian Cores new wall in Savona followed by a pleasent few days in Nice saw me back in Switzerland to compete in the Nissan Outdoor Games in Interlaken.
A massive event where the main focus was a film making competition between 6 teams, each team consisted of a Climber, a Parapenter, a Sky diver, a Canoeist and a Dirt Biker and the films were shown on the saturday night where the winners were declared a French team with the well known Swiss climber Fred Nicole as a ringer!!
The biggest crowd pullers were the Dirt Biking where nutters on bikes performed flips and twists in mid air only watched by a big crowd in the hope that someone would nail themselves (which of course they did) and the bouldering.

Prior to the final discussing the Nice beaches with Swiss climber Kevin Hemund

Qualification went ok and with four top outs i made it though to the final in 4th place behind Nalle Hukkataival, Cedric LeChat and Nicolas Badia. The fnal started at about 8.30pm and with powerfull spot lights and a large crwd it was going to be fun. Prob one was the crowd pleaser and luckily i managed to overcome my usual nemesis and flash the double dyno. Prob two was a nasty mantel and i managed it on my second go to move up in 1st ahead of LeChat (the only other climber to complete the problem)

The first move of prob 2 managed to stop three out of the six finalists!!

A tricky last move on Prob 2!!

Prob three was a differant story as i only managed to make the bonus. Nalle dispatched the awkward flick with ease but it was Cedric who after five attempts also topped to take the lead into the fourth and final problem.

I climbed after Cedric on problem four and i knew from the crowds response that he hadnt topped, i knew that to win i had to top in as few goes as poss. My first attempt saw me fall from the last move and with a little pump on i didnt get any where on my second.

I took my time for my last attempt and applied some liquid chalk knowing this had to be it to win.

Its funny how easily it is to think " i will win 2500 Swiss Francs if i hold this!!" as you are slapping for the last hold.

Luckily for me and my bank account i held it to win. The event was a great experience and good fun, many thanks to Angela Bruder for organising it and Dave Barrans for the pics and support.

1st Gaz Parry GBR, 2nd Nalle Hukkataival FIN, 3rd Remo Sommer SWISS


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