World Champs Spain

Well the weather has improved and its now possible to sunbathe. Woke at 6.30 am to set off for isolation and after lots of iceing my finger has finally stopped hurting. Despite the really early start me and Dave Barrans made it into the top 20 from a field of 142 climbers to qualify for the semi finals to be held on sunday. It goes without saying we were fairly pleased. Right now off to see the girls climb. Come on Audrey and Kate!!!!


Nigel said…
Hey Gaz, its Neil (Nigel) Kershaw. I thought I had your no. but I don't, so while I get it I'll ask on here. I'm off to Cres/Chironico in November, I have learnt that you've stayed in a nice place in Chironico itself - reckon you could quickly send me some info? Cheers mate.

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