Koh Tao

Our last day in Koh Pra-ngan and we went off to look for boulders. The Island is covered with rock some of it a bit snappy but i did manage to find some good boulders by the sea.

After a little climbing thirst quenched we finally left for Koh Tao. KT is the bouldering paradise of Thailand with Granite blocks everywhere. There is a small guide available and an updated version will be available soon. First on the hit list was M150 a famous boulder first climbed by James March who developed most of the bouldering here.
As the tide was in and we didnt want to intrude on the resort i decided to take the stealth approach.

After a few minutes to dry off in the heat it was time for action. This problem had been talked about as having a grade of V10/11 but after a few trys i managed the tick. I will hopefully post a video soon. I think that V8+ is a little more realistic. Awesome problem though......

and of course you have to finish it off with the drink!!

Today we met up with some locals, yes there about 6 of them now! They toook us to an area on private land where they have been bolting many top rope lines from 5+ to 7a to satisfy there climbing hunger. The climbs are on private land but the owner Philipe from Switzerland was keen to show us around. A perfect venue for an easy day.

Tomorrow we are off to the Jungle sector to try some great looking boulders including the fantastic Relic V10.


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