Rain and Nalle

Well it rained all night then finally by 9am it stoped so out we went to start drawing a topo for Secret Garden. Just as things were drying out the heavens opened!!

Later that evening things did dry a little and i managed to get in a few attempts on James and the Giant Peach V11 but to no avail.

The next day an early start saw a quick repeat of Dengue Fever another problem given V10 again though i though more V8+ was apropriate. Afterwards i met up with Nalle Hukkataival and i took him on a whistle stop tour. First up were two new problems a nice V2 and then a nasty V8 which we called Gnalle. Next up was the second ascent of James.... in a couple of goes, grade around the V10/11 region and deffo the hardest problem on Koh Tao. Then followed Relic V8, Coco Nuts V8+ and M150 V7 ( Nalle found a new very easy method but scary!)Finally he finished off with Dengue Fever for good measure.

Nalle crushing James And The Giant Peach.

Next day i returned to The Secret Garden and had a few more goes on James... , tierdness and sore tips put a swift end to that though. A big gang were out today though and with four pads and a few spotters after a few goes and an abseil inspection i climbed a highball line right of James to add The Mango Shake to this excellent sector at about 7b+.

The Mango Shake 7b+


m said…

Cool blog!

So did you ever produce the topo for these boulders? If so, where could one find a copy?

Many thanks,
Gaz said…
No we didnt do a finished one. I have a few scrawled notes. I am going back in a few weeks so hopefully i will have some more info in the new year.

m said…

I'd be very interested to check out a topo if you happen to put something together.

Enjoy the trip.

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