Swiss March 1st to 5th

Well welcome back dont worry i aint disappeared off the face of the planet, just been a bit busy. Swiss turned out to be a great trip but the temps were a little higher than when i visited in Dec, still managed to get a bit done.

Ben Meeks on a 7c at Brione

Ben again on the holdless and frictionless "There Is No Spoon" 7b Brione

Dan Kennard on a 7b at Chironico

I managed the following problems.

Bridge Over Troubled Water 7c+
Aka Midnight Lightening Of Ticino 7c+
Arete With a Pocket 8a Flash
Fat Boy 7c+ Flash
unnamed 7c+ Flash
Conquistadores 8a+

Also played on Great Shark Hunt 8a+ and got pretty close but after only four goes my skin was trashed!!


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