UK 6th to 20th

As soon as we got back from Swiss the UK was in excellent condition so it was back to Caley to send the excellent Banana Republic 8a. This time with the sequence already sorted it went down in a couple of goes.
The next weekend i found myself down at the Outdoor Show and the Ford Skymasters event. Due to a total lack of route fitness though i only managed about 100 or so moves on the route!! With the finals on sunday i sat down with Leo behind the microphone and got on with some commentating. All in all though a great weekend.

Mike Weeks the brainchild behind the Skymasters a little shocked at what Percy has just said!

After a couple of days setting at The Rope Race

and The Arch it was off to Font for the Easter weekend. I was expecting it to be really busy but due to a bad forecast it was empty, no brits to be seen anywhere!! Just for all of you who didnt go the weather was great. Managed to do a few news 7c's and a 7c+ and had a quick session on Partage 8a+. The trip was almost over before it began, on the first eve i was trying T Rex at Cuvier Rempart and as i was going for the last move my hand ripped. If you have ever seen this bloc you will know the fall from here is not pretty!! I bounced off a few boulders and landed in a big heap after a great spot from big Bart. I somehow came away with a few scratches and a very sore body.

Andy Chapman enjoying great conditions.

The following weekend i found myself behind the microphone yet again to pass comments at the Leading Ladder final in Stockport an excellent event saw the first ever Leading Ladder Champions Crowned.


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