On wednesday i found myself sat on a train about to depart from manchester to london with the intention of travelling to Serbia for the 3rd round of the world cup. At 12.12 I got the call off Audrey that the comp was cancelled, with two minutes to spare i legged it off the train. After a few hours of public transport and quick car journey i arrived at Longridge and after i quick warm up set off on the traverse. To my surprise i wasnt getting pumped and after a slappy descent of the Bend Of The Rainbow section i made it to the corner rest. The last section went like a breeze and i happily hung off the finishing jugs with the traverse in the bag.
After a brief rest i attempted the return journey only to fall on the last hard section. I suppose two miracles in one day was a bit too much to ask. A big goal in my climbing had been ticked though so i was a happy man.

Thanks to Wouter at e9 for the pic.


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