Well it seems that Vail didnt really manage to come up with the goods. So much for the USA climbing making history with the first bouldering world cup in the US, in reality they couldnt organise a piss up in a Brewery with a bunch of drop outs from the samaritans in Blackburn. For the competitors that travelled half way around the world it was a poor show from the Yanks, for the yanks it was the best world cup in the world EVER!!!

Thankfully on day two things managed to improve a little and the finals attracted a massive crowd led by the notorius Timmy O'Niel on the mike. Kilian managed to do Europe proud by putting on a great show with Gabriel finally doin the deed a taking silver.

In the womens event Alex Johnson took the title for US albeit with a slightly dodgy judging dedision. At least though she was the best climber in the final on the day. Team Austria took second and third with Katha and Anna on the podium.

As for the brits, well us regulars didnt fair too well as me and Dave failed to climb the only climbable bloc in the qualifier. Ty Landman though made it through to the final and finished in an excellent place. This is the highest Brit result since my 5th at Earlangen and Earls 1st at Reunion last year. Well done Tyler.

Dave in a World Of Hurt!!!


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