Well it seems ages since i blogged but its only a couple of week. After i returned from Italy i got down to some serious training in preparation for the Montauban World Cup and the BBCs. I also squeezed in a few days outside, with a trip to Stanworth to check out the Gaskins Slab. WOW!!! The hardest slab in the UK and still unrepeated. I also headed back to Kilnsey to finish bolting a new line through the main roof, its gonna take a few more visits to get the route ready for working but at least i got a belay in at the top now.
Montauban turned out to be the best comp this year up till now, with the FFME getting ready for possibly the biggest comp ever in Oct, with the European Championships in Bercy, Paris. I went to the Europeans there in 1996/7 and with around 10,000 spectators expected it will be another level. Check out Montauban Climbing for pics and videos.

Sadly Montauban didnt really happen for me, when i woke thursday morning i had stomach ache and 12 hours laters i found myself in a French hospital with suspected kidney stones!! So all i got from the weekend was an MRI.

I suppose its more than i would have got in the UK ;-)

Anyway all is good now and its time for me to focus on the BBC, entries are already pretty high so i think it is gonna be a bumper weekend. Check out the Cliffhanger website for more infos.


Unknown said…
thats a ct.
its standard for investigation of renal stones in the uk ;)

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