Its been a few weeks since i bouldered outside or even at all!! A few weeks rest to allow my bicep to fully recover, boat building and Trango prep have all added to a bit of a layoff. Not that i am complaining its given me a chance to catch up on loads of stuff and in a few days The Trango site and blog will go live thnks to Chris Grahams hard work.

Anyway yesterday i headed out with Taz and Jee to Longridge for a session. I was really pleased with how strong i felt. I also took the opportunity to start breaking in my choice 5.10s for Trango. The V-Mile will hopefully give me the comfort combined with the usual amazing 5.10 ability to stick like shit, this combined with a stiffer sole will be excellent in those long Trango cracks.

The V Mile

I have to say i was well impressed with them. I found i could stand on anything so long as it was sharp. I had a great session doing loads of eliminates. I managed to flash Jees new elim at about 7c (or longridge V6) and also climbed a new one of my own also at v9.

Jees Elim

Gazs Elim

After a few hours though it was back to the boat. Maybe i will give you some more pics tomorrow. :-)


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