Trango Bound

Well at last i am almost ready for the off. It seems to have taken ages to pack all my stuff and some last minute shopping at Decathlon helped me out. My Metolius haul bag weighs 35kg, my North Face duffle is 28kg and my hand luggage is 11kg. Not sure really how i going to get off the bus at Heathrow never mind anywhere in Pakistan.

Yesterday we managed to squeeze in a day at Rylstone with dave Simmonite and Paul Harrison. We ticked off a few classics in excellent cool and dry conditions and vowed to return for a date with Cocoa Team Special.

Anyway the wait is over everything seems to be in order here, i even moved my boat yesterday. We turned it around to face the evening sun and moved it near the other boats. At last the light can really get to it especially after some extensive tree felling. I cant wait to get going now.

From now till mid October you can follow our adventures on Trango 08


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