Well there are only 7 more days till i leave for Pakistan!! Arrrgh i am really starting to panic at the mo....too many things to do too little time. Between trying to get ready for an exped and build my boat i have been entertaining a friend from France.


Maud Ansade is a member of the french boulder team and really she came over to practise her english. We had a great week with a bit of grit, limestone and plastic. In fact i had a special treat for her, as she had never ever touched grit before i took her to Higgar and pointed her at the Rasp.......hmmmm i think she enjoyed it.

Me on The Rasp

Then after a quick waltz along the green trav at stanage

Kate Climbing.

Followed by Left Unconc... and Goliaths Groove......ahh what a nice intro to grit.........not. Goliaths Groove has to be one of the worst climbs on the planet, looks amazing climbs rubbish whichever way you do it and there are a few.

Maud near the top.

I hope she enjoyed her week in the UK even though the weather was poor but i think she will have learnt some new english words, especially on day one ;-)

If you want to follow my trip go to and click on the BLOG. We will have a sat phone and hopefully be able to send reports and images from BC.


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