Almscliffe and Snow

After numerous phone calls about what might be in condition in Yorkshire we opted for the safe bet and went to Almscliffe.
After a quick warm up on Demon Wall Roof I repeated Stus Roof having not done it for years so Sooty could get some footage. We then moved on to Underhand Extension but due to the snow I didnt top it out. Finally we finished off playing around on the Keel bloc. Sooty mentioned Steve Dunnings method on the Bulb so i did that at about 7b!! Then employed the same method for The Real Keel again at about 7b and the finished off by doin CandA into The Bulb but using the block. I think i am keen to come back to try the Real Keel Haul some day. A top day and really nice to see the snow not melting instantly on my mamouth three hour drive back to Bury!!!

Just finished watching Committed 2 and I am well inspired, the footage of Dave MacLeod was fantastic. Those boys at HotAches have done another great job. I have got a few in my shop and you can get them here. Just in time for Christmas at £18.99


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