Echo Two

I didnt manage to get back to El Bov yesterday as we had a few jobs to do around the house. In the afternoon I nipped back up to Echo Two to try the cool looking Iratika 8b. After warming up I managed to climb it os. Shame really as it is probably only 7c+. Cool climb though with a massive move on the bottom wall and a commiting jump over the top roof. As i topped out it was pissing it down so i couldnt look up easily. Yes there is some rain here!!! Only made it more memorable though.

Restday today and jobs around the house. I have three more days climbing here till i have to brave the UK weather again. Tomorrow I am off to the Wild Side, the hppefully i will squeeze in El Bov and another day at Echo.

It was great to hear about Jordans second ascent of Widdop Wall, pure class from a talented climber. As for E9 ths world of grade discussion.........(note i have tried this line a fair bit in the past)......absolutely spot on. As far as i am concerned the E grade works. It only has problems when it is abused and obviously over time, routes that are rarley repeated will settle down with more ascents.

My view of pads. Use em if you can. I would much rather climb tomorrow than have a bust ankle or worse. The most important thing is that it must be made clear to others the style the ascent has been done in, and if the climber feels a mat reduced the grade he should stand up and say so rather than just take the tick at the guidebook grade.

Anyway i am gonna go back to trying to regrade a few more routes in Echo Valley!!!!! Not an easy job ;-)


Jasper said…
Loving your work on these Edwards routes:

E7 to E4
8b to 7c+
7c to 6c+

Who would have guessed?!


All the best mate.
Gaz said…
Having fun though. There are some cool routes there.

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