12 days in

Oh my god this trip is just full on. Every day is rammed with stuff to do....climb, coach, lecture and then usually to finish the day off we find ourselves driving for a few hours. After the ferry we quested through Denmark and into Sweeden, over some of the most expensive toll bridges on the planet.

We were on our way to do some euro routes. Abstrakt is one of Sweeden classics, climbed in 1991 and following a really nice flake line with only a few foot holds. We met Jens from 8a.nu at the crag and he gave us the low down.

In the evening we headed round the the 8a.nu headquarters and then our for some pear cider in Gothenberg.

Next up was a lecture in Goth then we headed over to Copenhagen for a full day of coaching and an evening lecture. We finally left Copenhagen at around 11.30 pm and began our 9 hr drive to Eindhoven for more coaching and another lecture.

On a brief visit to Belgium we checked out the waffles and the pissing boy....pretty disapointing really but the city and its buildings are really nice.

Yesterday we climbed at the old Belgium crag of Freyer and were suitably impressed. A beautiful crag in a beautiful setting. We climbed the 1987 route God Save The Queen a really old school route involving some really technical climbing and some small holds. After trying the onsight and slipping high on the route James flashed it and i managed it first go.


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