Back in Spain for Winter

L'Espolon De L'Ocaive 8c

I have been back in Spain now for just over a week and my initial project has gone down pretty quick. I had tried L'Espolon De L'Ocaive before but after three concerntrated sessions it all came together fairly easily and rather enjoyably. The 40 metre stamina route with a very technical top half is possibly one of the best routes i have ever climbed. It was the perfect route to put my new Sterling 9.8 rope through its paces, thanks to Beta Climbing Designs. You can follow the Beta Team and its other members like Mina Fantastic and Charlie Woodburner here on the Beta Team Blog, or check out Betas products here.

L'Ocaive in all its glory.

L'Espolon is the obvious arete bathed in Sunshine.

Clients Mark and Gerry enjoying Gandia

Next on the list hopefully is a route called Mala Hierba at a secret crag. I have had three sessions on this route and yesterday headed up fully expecting to get the route in the bag. Although after a 6am start, a three hour round trip to Alicante to take Mark and Gerry my recent clients home and a 45 min steep walk in even my psyche for climbing was a little low. I pushed on and dogged up the route, it gave me an opportunity to refine some sequences. I had one redpoint but the gas levels were so low i didnt even manage to make it through the 8b crux!!!! At least i can look on the positive side and take something away, you are never too old to learn something new.

High up on Mala Hierba 8c

We have an addition to our ever growing family of animals. Nemo has joined the gang and i currently acting as a toy for Sandi to throw around the house and grounds.

Nemo and Kate at L'Ocaive

Ok time to go back to building the new kitchen and maybe some climbing this afternoon.


My name is Nacho and was having a look at your blog,looking for some info about the routes ''Growla and Burla from Murla crag'' because it's a place i visit as often as i can and enjoy climbing there a lot (was guessing if they could be the ones to the right of Holds,What Holds? route)i have a bunch of routes to do first so they aren't on my agenda by now but i really aprecciate the info.
Sorry for the questions here but it's actually the only way i found to contact you.
Thank you very much for your power routes at Pinos also,Cheers.
Gaz said…
Hi Nacho, Drop me an email on and i will send you some info. Cheers for the nice comments about the Pinos routes. Gaz

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