Potential new crag, Costa Blanca?

Yesterday we went for a drive up the Vall de Gallinera out of Pego in search of new Costa Blanca crags. We have been up this valley many times before while Gaz has been putting up new routes on another crag in the valley. From the new crag we have always liked the look of a big cave we could see in the distance. So after alot of bush wacking by Gaz here it is....

Seen as there is so much potential for new routes in the Costa Blanca we would be more than happy to offer help and advice to anyone who would like to stay at our climbers accommodation in the Costa Blanca and bolt their own new routes in Spain.
Hope to see you climbing in the Costa Blanca soon!


GrIngo said…
hey gaz .. are you still in costa blanca area?

where is your accomodation you were talking about?

love also deep water soloing :-)

best ingo

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