Climbing Coaching

Right at last i am back and psyched. It seems like ages since i have felt keen and up for doing a bit. Its not that long though really just sometimes when you get a little ill miss a few sessions it just seem like you haven't been climbing for ever. I am back in London again setting and coaching. Sat i visited Ratho in a 18.5 hr round trip to do a coaching session with the Quickdraw club. It was great to see all the motivated kids. Ratho is such a great facility it is just a shame its so far up north and underground........its like being in the blooming freezer.

Then yesterday i was over at the new wall in Guildford, The Surrey Sports Park is an amazing facility and has a good wall to boot. I ran a full days session for the Surrey Uni Club, they are all psyched up for the uni comp at The Works in good luck guys. I am back there in March to do a bit of setting, cant wait as the wall is fantastic and on top of it is a Starbucks!!!

If you havent seen Keith Sharples 2011 Calender here are a couple of images from the Epic Adventures page. They are of SAdam 8c Jee busting a few moves at the amazing Craig Y Longridge....the pride of Lancashire bouldering.

Adam on the 8b+ traverse

Adam on the mega classic Big Marine.

Seeing these pics almost make me want to be there........hmmm not till the summer though. It was 21 degrees in the shade at my house today. Kate has been outside all day putting the finishing touches to the path leading to our new bunk house.


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