An Epic Adventure back in the UK.......again.

My short stint back in the Costa Blanca is over. 10 days and only 1 day climbing, sometimes a climbers life is not so glamorous. Today was a good day though, we finally got around to moving our water tank further up the hillside it is amazing what a few more meters can do to the pressure, our new sigle pipe up and down solution seems to have also simplified matters. Anyway, hot water now flows with power from all the taps......I must now try and remember to keep the tank full!!

So its back to the UK for another tour of setting and coaching. From London to Ratho and across to Bristol and Cardiff this time it is pretty nationwide. I will even mamage to swing by Preston for a Team Training. Half way through I will be swinging by The Climbing Acadamey again to coach their junior team. I did a number of sessions with them last season and was psyched to see them at the BBC this year, with local wad Hamish gaining a creditable 4th place.

Last year I hooked up with TCA to produce a Gaz Parry Comp Climbing Top Tips poster, check it out.



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