First and Last Video, Costa Blanca

Well here I am back in the UK and hanging out at the Castle. I just popped in to get a brew and deal with some mail. The guys were in setting and really going to town in prep for the BMC YCS round here at the weekend. An all star crowd headed up by Mike Langley, French national setter Yann Genoux, star climber Leah Crane, Mile End hot shot Alex Lemel and bringing up the rear and by no means the odd one out Slim West.
I also nipped into town on a quest for a new phone. Alas I came back empty handed, my wallet was happy and I hadnt had my pants removed by the phone retailers. I still had a nice experience though.

I am usually a critic of the dole and goverment hand out culture that this country seems to be gripped by but for a while today my view changed. At the bus stop I met a jovial bloke called Tony who greeted me with the statement "I thought you were J-Kay crossing the road there". After a while chatting it turns out he has just come out from rehab and now has six months (paid for) in a flat near The Castle. He has already been in there and is going back soon with his son. I was great to meet someone like this who had been through some bad times but was now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it was nice to be reminded that climbing can bring the most unlikely people together sometimes and that even though the money comes form the taxpayer via the government it was nice to meet someone like this who was happy and really upbeat about his fuuture.

I have just got around to posting my video of The First and Last from sunday gone.....I must apologise in advance about the poor editing and the hairy gorilla.

First and Last 8a, Costa Blanca from Gaz Parry on Vimeo.


Well done and verrrry enlightening..;)
Nice to see the special offer'sticker removed from this one.
Gaz said…
Thanks. It is still a great route though. Gaz

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