Gaz Parry Lecture

This evening and for one night only I will be at the London and South East BMC area meeting. Not to meet and discuss how good southern sandstone is (by southern remember Font falls into this category as does Varezee and Albaraccin)but to give a free lecture and eat free food provided by the BMC. The event is open to anyone, the Area meeting starts at 7.30 and food and lecture is at around 8.30pm.

The lecture will be just about some of my climbing exoperiences over the years from the UK through bouldering in Europe a trip to Pakistan and The North Face Summit Series Road Trip. Various pics and vidoes will give me a fantastic opportunity to take the piss out of James Pearson and probably myself!

An Athlete diet.....Santana Champ.

Below is one video I will not be playing tonight but it was a small present that James and Keith prepared at the end of our journey.

Here are some of Keiths final words at the of the adventure.
"As the trip drew to a close we knew the inevitable moment would come when Gaz would board a plane and fly of to Espana to build a new life for him and Kate. None of us were looking forward to this moment and it was something we actively discouraged as a topic of conversation. No one wanted to shed any tears...

The day arrived and it was a sombre drive to Bergamo airport. The final moments were difficult but in every situation there is always something positive to be drawn. Here it was the fact that in 40 days we'd established such a deep and lasting bond. We'd been known (perhaps only internally) as the tripod of stability and losing one leg was a hard fact to face, but it was something we'd breakthrough and it would only serve to make us stronger.

In honour of the Big G, James and I decided to make a little video dedicated to his memory, expressing just how we truly feel. Some people might not understand some of the more subtle references in the montage, but everything has it's place for a reason. Big G, if you're reading this, know that even though the tripod is not together in physical form it will always live on in our hearts and minds. As always, click on the word vimeo to watch it in glorious HD. Enjoy..."

Take a Look from unclesomebody on Vimeo.

Anyway if you are still interested after watching that we will be in the Upstairs Room, The Devereux public house, 20 Devereux Court, Essex St, The Strand, London, London, WC2R 3JJ

Maybe see you this evening.


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