London Bound

Well thats my little visit up north over with. 2 days setting at The Rope Race in their new boulder lounge. A red v2-v5 circuit, a green v5-v8 circuit and a few whites v8-infinity.

I don't often get a chance to chill when I am in the UK but I have just spent a relaxing evening at my Aunties, eating some nice food and watching some TV....Fly Low infact, blooming hilarious. Tomorrow I have a slow start with a train to London at Lunch followed by some coaching at The Castle and then a session with the boys, Tricks, Langley and Unclesomebody. After that is one more setting day then off to spain.
Kate has been busy as ever while I have been away and over the last few days she has been working on our horse box/campervan ready for the trip. We now have new seats, some shelves and a wider bed. So it will be a full family outing north with Joe (horse), Ted (collie dog), Sandi (nutter dog) Kate (woodworker) and me. If I manage to get my arse to a crag and then up anything I will be a lucky man

The horsebox, with new additions, 2 double beds and all the mod cons, by the way Kate is on the phone to me!! Sorry about the quality will get some better pics next week.


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