The North Face Summit Series Road Trip

Last tuesday night I did a lecture in London. It was on behalf of the London and South East Mountaineering club and the BMC Area Committee. To be honest I was a little bit worried as I hadnt done one for ages. In the end it all went well, lots of laughs and lots of questions and thanks afterwards. The area meeting itself was also good lots of people attended and the main point of discussion was the forestry sell off. Yet another thing that the goverment will fuck up....probably. That is unless they can the idea which may also happen. Basically the sell off is not only enviromentally flawed but is it only going to raise around £100 million, not a lot in todays world and only a small bankers bonus.

Anyway I also played a couple of movies from our road trip. Movies that I hadn't seen for ages. They brought back a lot of good memories and made everyone laugh. The next morning on my train to Cardiff I watch the Road Trip video. Having fits of laughter and tears on a packed commuter carriage is sometimes a little odd but I enjoyed it heaps. I would definitely recommend it. Its not just about booring climbing like many of the movies today it about the fun side, its about the journey, its about the trip.

The highs of the rockstars....

And the lows of a film maker .....

You can get the download of the full roadtrip movie here. from Unclesomebody of L'Etranger and Between The Trees fame.

You can read more about the SSRT here here. including a full list of the routes climbed.

Here is a short clip or really our Webisode 1

Summit Series Road Trip - Webisode 1 from unclesomebody on Vimeo.



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