Training and Wolfgang Gullich

Yesterday I had my first climbing session for what seemed like a million years yet again. I didn't call it a training sesion as I a rarely follow a plan. The last time I climbed really hard and tried really hard was 23rd of Jan about 20 days ago. Hmmmm not so long but in Gaz world thats a million years. I am lucky really as I have never really had an injury other that the usual DOMS that may require a longer rest period. I have never had to STOP climbing and lets hope that never occurs.

Wolfgang Gullich once said "it's all about getting strong without getting injured"

If you are injured you cant train and cant climb....simple.

Other interesting factors in my mund are Pain Tolerence, Revovery Rate, Skin.

He also said "The Brain is the most important muscle for climbing". This is something I whole heardtedly agree with. Take two climbers A and B, both equal strengths. The one that will always out perform the other is the one who is more clever in their climbing.

Anyway enough thoughts........for now.

Back to my session, it was short fairly and intense. 5 circuits from 30 to 52 moves 6aish to 7b. Followed be a light campus session. The circuits were to speed up the muscle memory or engrams and the campus was basically just to make them remember how to pull hard finishing off with a few one armers, it was good and I felt satisfied and worked.

As for today I am back at for training I will just see what tickles my fancy.

Dream training session finger board at my house in the Costa Blanca.

Right off for a quick climb.



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