May Coaching Availability

Ceri Williams keeping focussed on a 6a+ at Aventador on a recent coaching holiday with Epic Adventures in the Costa Blanca.

After my recent break at home in Spain I am now in the UK for a sustained period of setting and coaching. I am available for evening coaching sessions around the country. The sessions can be indoors or even outdoors (see the Wales dates). Sessions are 1.5hrs but this can be tweeked to fit your needs.

The sesions can cover whatever you require but predominantly will be based around 3 topics. Warming Up, Techniques and Training.

4th London evening
5th London evening
6th London evening
7th Bristol evening
8th TCA daytime
9th London evening
10th London evening
15th to 19th Wales (sessions can be indoors or out)

24th The Crag evening
25th London evening
26th London evening
27th London evening
31st London evening

Mike Langley on the excellent Castle bouldering facilities.

Indoor Masterclasses are 1.5hrs and cost 50 GBP for one-to-one sessions and 80 GBP for groups of 2-4 clients.(Wall entry is payable by the client) It is also possible to book bespoke session and holidays from 1.5 hrs to 1 week.

To book just get in touch by email or just call on 07742858367


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