Moving to Catlunya, Catalunya Holidays and Animal Hell

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a few big changes in our lives. We have rented out our house in the Costa Blanca to Sofia she is now running it over the winter period and is offering camping and accommodation. You can check out her website here or contact her through Epic Adventures. Remember the house is located near Pego, a perfect location for L'Ocaive, Alcalali and Gandia.

So we have packed up all our animals, now 4 horses, 4 cats and 2 dogs and headed north. We are now based in Cubells, located pefectly between Santa Linya and Oliana with our nearest crags being Camarassa and Disblia :-)

Santa Linya

In November we are running our first course in conjunction with our guest coach Tom Bloger. Tom has been living and climbing hard in the area for the last 3 years. I will be running the first 3 days on basic climbing and on sight techniques. Tom will take over for the second half of the course and focussing on red point and pushing your grade. The course is running from the 6th to the 11th of November. We have plenty of accommodation options available so just get in touch if you want to book or have any questions.

On the animal front over the last few days Kate, Lynne and Tom have been having a few minor traumas. While Kate and Tom have been driving all over Spain looking at buying horses. Lynne has been looking after 5 dogs and 4 horses. Yesterday Morgana, our Podengo managed to get some cuts on her legs (probably form scrapping) and she had to go to the vets for stitches. In the evening Lynne had to go to work but didn't have time to collect Mog. She ended up ringing Chris (yes the Chris) to get my dog and look after her until Lynne got back. What a star. Today whilst Lynne was feeding the horses, Harry (Lynne and Toms big dog) managed to slip into the horses pen and Arco our new stallion took offence, he had a go at Harry throwing him against the fence then trapping him there. Luckily Harry got off pretty lightly and after spending the afternoon in the Vets was declared fit to go home!! Thankfully everyone is now back in one piece, Harry is as bouncy as ever, Morgana is wearing a muzzle as she removed her stitches and had to go back for staples and Arco wont be a stallion by the ned of next week.....the nut cutter is on his way.

Moral of the story? Make sure you are route setting in the UK when animal hell breaks loose in Catlunya :-)

The view from my door. Only fields.


Anne said…
Looking forward to more pics of your new place and 100's of animals! A x
Gaz said…
ha ha we haven't got a place yet. This is my van door. We have rooms available at Toms house in Santa Linya though. have you guys got plans to come over?

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