Fabulous, Fabelita 8c

Back in the UK and back in London. Sometimes I don't like rest days, today I do. Usually I get frustrated that I am missing a days climbing, sometimes I even get angry and act like a right tit especially to those that are close. Today though my rest day feels well deserved. Yesterday I managed to nail the mega class route Fabelita 8c in Santa Linya. I started work on it on my last trip home. This week and on my last day in Spain it went down. The day before I had two redpoints and found myself falling mid crux. A third attempt with some new beta thanks to Hannah Midtboe I found myself in the mid height rest only to fall on the last hard slap high on the face. I suppose you have to fall here I thought, more value for money, more moves in the bank, but I didnt want to drop it again. Yesterday I was back, I needed to do it so I could move on to Christmas projects new when I return. The usual warm up and a quick play on the moves I was ready, a busy cave with 6 people all wanting to head on the same line or there abouts. The Poles stepped aside, Lynne held the ropes and I dug deep. The rest as they say is a happy restday :-)

I didn't get any pics on the route but here is one of Alan Cassidy in Dec 2009 not far from the tasty mono move into an undercut on the upper half of the route. Thanks to POD for the pic.


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