Homeward bound

As ever I have been a little slack on the blog front. It is 3am at Gatwick and I am wiring for my flight back to Barcelona. Finally we are getting some kind of order on out field, 3 out of 4 horses are now there and manage to spend most of their time on the right side of the fence, the dogs are living living life in the outdoors and the cats spend their days eating mice, so much so I think patcho will soon explode.
I had a good trip to the UK this time, holding a mock world cup comp at The Castle last Sunday was the highlight, a massive thanks to Tricky, Mike and our time keepers for giving me the motivation to destroy myself for the rest of the week. 5 days of setting and I am almost recovered!!
So now it's back to Spain, rock and projects. Last week in Santa Linya was inspirational, not a lot went down apart from Iraq Attack by me but just being surrounded by people going a muerte on everything made you feel you had to step upto the mark and pull the finger out. First I tried Rollito Sharma 8b then it rained, so I moved onto Fabellita 8c. On day 1 I managed the top half in one but the meat is the bottom half, the whole level of endurance required on these routes is insane to me. Fabellita feels much harder than any 8c I have climbed before, hopefully the endurance will come, the start will dry out and I can get it ticked fast so I can move on to bigger fish. So psyched to get involved more with the cave, it's attraction gets greater everytime I climb there and the routes are inspirational hopefully I will one day climb one.


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