Part 1 Costa Blanca to Catlunya

So I have decided to blog about my fairly slow journey from Spain to the UK. We are heading back to the UK for the summer. A small collection of animals are traveling with us. Ted spent the whole journey as he does looking at the road.
For a change the drive was easy and there was little traffic around. When your max speed is 55mph in the horse box you tend to experience a little road rage from the truckers.
The drive was pleasant and I spent most of it asleep, the previous night I had spent chatting till god knows what hour on Facebook!
I have driven this road loads in the past and always been amazed at the trees, reminds me of the French roads.
At the end of it is this roundabout with a display that looks like it has been inspired by The Teletubbies.

We passed through some cool scenery as we followed The Ebro north to Lleida. Spotting this undeveloped crag as we crossed over.
We arrived in the dark, the field was empty with two horses in the Costa Blanca and two in Santa Linya. Its the same world though without animals or people in it. I am the same person if they are there or not. They may shape our thoughts and feeling but the world just keeps on trucking. The stars were out and standing alone looking at them I thought of Sandi my dog who I lost a year ago. I wasn't sad for a change just happy I had the chance to know her.
In the light of the day the field looks amazing, blossum everywhere. After a few days of rain all the wild flowers are coming, in two weeks it will be wonderful here.
This morning we headed over to Santa Linya to get the horses and catch up with Tom and Lynn. Passing through the amazing St Llorenc village.
The weather was wonderful so I headed out with Tom and 5 dogs. A nice walk around and down past the cave, after the rain the cave has dried out fast, most of it is now in the shade all day as the sun is higher in the sky, conditions looked perfect.
Somebody said to me today that my life is in Spain, a while ago I would have probably said it is. As I was packing my stuff this evening to head to the UK I realized it isn't. Bricks and mortar are meaningless, possessions are too. I used to be really obsessive with the value I put on my possessions but now most of the shit I have accumulated over the years is just a hindrance to slow me down when I want to move or when it is time for a change. Life is where you are, wherever that may be, the thing that makes it special is the person you are living life with and the new experiences that come with new adventures. Time to get out more, discover new things, there is a whole world out there.

Goodbye Spain....... well at least for a week or two.


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