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Well that's it, another UK stint is over. I have spent the last few days down in Plymouth working with the Highsports crew to get their new wall at the amazing Plymouth Life Sports Centre Open. Today was the opening day, will all the facilities free to all. The centre is a primary training site for GB Swimming and will be the training home to the still young diver Tom Daley. Sadly Tom wasn't there but I managed to step in and perform an amazing 2 metre belly flop.

Some great days setting were had last week at the Castle and another coaching/setting visit to The Climbing Academy Glasgow was great fun. Last Sunday they held a free open day which was a really popular day. I managed to sneak some time out to flash their two hardest circuits. The best was a 90 plus move monster set by Alan and Rob....nice work guys. It only took 8 minutes!! Felt totally destroyed after and a bit sick. The Castle's round of YCS was really well attended and we managed a complete split of the field, so job well done Mike and crew. If you are wondering what to do tomorrow, head over to Mile End for the last round of SIBL. Looks like a great tour on new blue Revolution holds.

To follow up from my last blog here are a couple of pics and video stills from my last Spain visit.

As with all good days life on my field starts with a cup of coffee. This is my still to be finished wood hut. Built out of pallets one day this will be a palace :-) for now it is a feed store.

A nice day out at Santa Anna where i ticked a cool 8a+ and some nice 7c's, this one with a cheeky and precarious rest on a sloping ledge.

Bored with trying to red-point Fabela I decided to do A Plomb, a stern and short 8a+ in the back of the cave Henning Wang managed to get it on film so here is a video still.

While I was in Spain this time i entered my 40 year, yes I am now 39!! So to celebrate we headed to Oliana. This was the first time i have climbed here and all the wads were out Chris and Adam were screaming on a project and Sasha Digulian was ambling up another 8c+. Also another good female climber Maria from Norway got her first 8c tick with Fish Eye. I in the meantime went for glory and tried an on-sight of Maroncita....i was soooo close as i fell hitting the finishing jug. Still i was really happy with my attempt and made sure on the next go.

Falling from the last move, nicely captured by Henning.

My last day came and after a morning looking at properties and land in the area we headed to Margalef. We ran in to Tom and Lynne at The Laboratory and after Lynne had finished trying and coming oh so close to her cool looking roof project. We headed up into what can only be described as a lost world. tom went to get on Era Bella and i went for a look. I discovered the mega tufa laden wall of Sector De La Coma Closa.

With no warm up i was totally inspired to climb. At at 5.30 I started and a few minutes later i managed an onsight of this amazing 8a tufa. I will be back for more. Awesome sector.

Today I read a friend blogs, it has made me re-open my eyes a little. It reminded me about how we put too much emphasis on money in this world and maybe we would be richer in body and mind with a wider experience of life.

The greater the risk the more the reward. I have committed my life to climbing and it is always risky but the rewards have been fantastic. Maybe its time for some more risk........


Gaz, I enjoy reading your blog so much. The eye opening insights make more sense than it may seem. See you around the Castle. Good luck!

Mat - who asked numerous questions the other day in the shop at the Castle about the house in Costa Blanca :)

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