UK and Spain Update

Well I am back in the UK again fit a quick setting and coaching tour. Had a good couple of weeks out in Spain with Robbie Meade if Robbie Meade films, hopefully we got some good footage so keep your eyes peeled here for some videos soon. I had a few more days in Santa Linya trying Fabela and again with a few steps in the right direction I couldn't make the break through I needed. With Robbie in tow I decided to get out and see some other crags.

First up was Terradets where I managed a Flash of Anarkista a classic 8a+ on tufas.
Santa Anna was great with a few cool 7c and 7c+ on sights followed by an 8a+ rp. On my 39th birthday I headed over to Oliana for the first visit there. What a corker of a crag.I had a great day hanging out with Big Chris watching him Ondra and Sasha crushing. All my birthday wishes almost came true as I almost on sighted Maroncita, falling from the last hold I screamed but the experience was fantastic, next go was still satisfying. Finally we finished off with a visit to Margalef, late in the day we headed up to a newer sector, Raco De La Coma Closa. This is an amazing tufa wall up a valley that feels like the a lost world, on the sector next to the stunning 9a from Chris, Era Bella. As the light faded I managed a warm up os of a stunning 8a tufa. What a great way to finish the trip. We just made it back to the car before total darkness.

Now I am on a train to Gatwick and heading to TCA Glasgow. Today is an open day, free climbing and free coaching from myself and Alan Cassidy. What a great effort from the TCA boys for
putting on such an event.

The last few days were spent setting routes for the BMC YCS at the Castle, an interesting experience and setting challenge, setting for kids from 8 i.e. small to 16 i.e. massive. All went well. Next week I have a few more days at the Castle with The Quarry and Rockley Walls getting the treatment. After that I am off down Plymouth to set and hang out at the opening of The New Plymouth Life Centre which looks like a stunning facility.


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