Now't like a comfy sofa

Well it has pretty much been a year now that I have been back in the UK. Not so much has happened in my world, not much I can remember anyway. This last few weeks things have really started to settle down for me, more of a routine. The horses are happy in their field, living like a herd and loving the better weather. We have a nice place, only a few minutes walk from Wharncliffe Woods perfect for the dogs.

This evening I am off to Holland. First on business and then to catch up with my good friend Wouter, World Cup competitor and Dutch Team Manager. I am really looking forward to this as firstly as it will be the beginning of some big changes in the coming months and secondly it will be great to chat and train with Wally. He has been lacking motivation, as have I but he is back in the game, just like I am trying to do at the moment.

Wouter back in the day of old school World Cups...Russian style.

I am also looking forward to sitting down and chatting about how he manages and works with the Dutch team. How he deals with his team living in various countries as Jorg has been in Austria for years now. Why is this of interest to me? Well I am stepping into some big shoes. I am taking over the role of GB Bouldering Team Manager. I must admit it is a daunting prospect but I cant wait to start the plan for next year 2014. We have such a great team at the moment. Strength and depth in both the Womens and Mens. When I chatted with them about my decision I was totally made up how pleased they were that I would be taking on this roll, at least that will make my life a little easier. The future for the team is very bright.

Over the last few weeks I have been enjoying new places and old. Anston Stones, Forest Rock, The Works, The Foundry, Badger Cove and Rubicon. The dry rock has been fun and with a visit to Chee Tor to tick the excellent Ogre it has felt like I am finally home. Home at the end of a long day, when you sit down to relax with a cup of tea and think there is now't like a comfy sofa.


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