Boulder Central Interview Part 2

So here you go part two of Jon Chittenden's interview with myself from Boulder Central. A little bit of chit chat about training, the future and why you should get involved in the comps.

A couple of weeks ago I headed for a morning session at the rightly named Awesome Walls in Sheffield. Climbing on such a big and fun wall made me giggle like a child on the best climbing frame in the world. It wasn't long before I started on the 7's and then it wasn't long until I was pumped out of my mind and falling off 7c. I wasn't too disheartened as I was having fun a great work out, even better today when I heard Ste Mac didn't fair much better.
Obviously I took my hard earned fitness to the rock this week. Monday at Ravenstor with Yann Genoux and I almost flashed the fun Call Of Nature. Climbing through the hard sections I just muffed my feet on the top wall and second go it all felt a pleasant journey. Next up was a trip to one of the best crags in the UK, Lower Pen Trwyn in North Wales. A quick red-point of Battle Of The Little Big Orme allowed me to tick another of Ste McClures 50 best 8a's of the list. Some pleasant young chaps were trying Over The Moon Direct so having already climbing this a few years ago I thought I would have a blast on Over The Moon as most of the clips were in. The arcing moon shaped crack is fairly notorious but it is something I have always wanted to climb. I battled my way again through the lower section again on the retro flash I guess, recovered well the rest and moved right to the crack. A quick fiddle around with the first jam, I chose the jam, spotted a cheeky heel toe and tussled to the top of the crack with a smile. A pleasing ascent of Over The Moon in a fun flash slash os styleeee. So much for training routes on the plastic. Cant wait to go back.


Unknown said…
Great interview Gaz, Keep them coming mate.


Steve Winslow

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