Bulgaria Update and Dryanovo

As many of you will know we are still in Bulgaria. The ups and downs of animal life here has been interesting to say the least and the last few months have been tough with the loss of some of our wonderful animals. You can never get over losing friends, family or even animals. We love them all and miss them dearly. In the winter I think we reached the lofty heights of around 13 dogs including rescues.

Kate with Little Boy

A while ago we found Little Girl and Little Boy on the main Sofia road. She had a broken hip which is now fixed and finally after months of looking we have found them a home together with a lovely English family. Now they are Bob and Betty.

Currently we only have our Podenco's. Pilli, April, Pepa, Ella and our elder Lady 14 year old Morgana. Plus a rescue puppy we found dumped in a lay-by a few days ago, she is also looking for a home.

Out most recent find :-(

Loosing Susie was the reason we bought a second house, this time up a hill, down a track and further from a road and in a little village with a population of.... just us.

If you are interested in helping dog rescue, re-homing and neutering in Bulgaria get in touch with Street Hearts BG on Facebook. Our friends Emma and Anthony in the next village are doing an amazing job in the Dryanovo region.

We still have the horses, all six of them. Joey, Elsa, QI, Oliana, Arco and of course Dooley.

The cat population is growing, we still have Black Cat who traveled with us from Spain, now we also have Sparkle who just popped in and ended up staying and Twinkle a kitten who I found on the road at Christmas.

Winter in front of the fire.

Kate and Little Girl out riding.

We now live super close to one of my fave climbing areas Dryanovo Monastey. You can check it out here- Dryanovo

Attempting RomFrench 8a+

And falling off!

This is in sector Mona Lisa prior to the first ascent by Bulgarian strong man Rumen Neshev. This massively undeveloped sector only has 4 routes on it!!

This is my favourite piece of rock at the moment.

Do Rekata (stalbata) or Sector Stairs has grades from 5a-9a. Here Pepe is attempting Bruce Lee Extension. Part one finishes below the roof at 8a and part 2 carries on through with another 13 hards moves until a good hold. It bumps the grade up to 8b. I managed the 2nd ascent a few days ago again after Rumen.

If you want to check out the other areas to climb go to out Climbingguidebg. This is the website for the whole country and is constantly updated and maintained by Nikolay Petkov who is one of the most enthusiastic developers here. Don't worry it is in English and Bulgarian. He puts in countless hours and days into opening new routes and organising mini festivals. All development is now carried out with glue in bolts only. Or just drop me a message.


Dieselryder said…
im glad to read the sentitive care that you provide to your pets. Keep it real Gaz.
Gaz said…
Thanks man. We do love them.

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